erpwizard is a complete and comprehensive ERP studio, designed to meet the needs of small and mid size businesses. erpwizard characteristics and features can be summarized as follows :

Accounting and finance

Inventory management

Sales management

Purchase Management

Sales forecasting

EDI (Electronic Data interchange)
As an add-on module to erpwizard , the EDI module gives full control to companies to exchange EDI documents with their partners. It has a very simple interface to get you going with EDI either as incoming or outgoing documents. erpwizard uses edi2xml technology, to translate from and to edi format.

Alerts Managment
The alerts managment and collaboration tools are built-in within erpwizard. Users can create unlimited reminders, assign tasks, send emails and notifications… With alerts and task scheduling, users are not required to work under the same roof. They can easily collaborate and get updates on a transaction basis.
What do you need to get started?
erpwizard is more than a little accounting software; it is an ERP solution that gets your business up and running, without the need of expensive ERP consultants, and importantly in a very timely fashion.
As a small business ERP solution provider, we understand that time is money; an ERP implementation in a small business environment would not be successful, unless it is completed in an acceptable time frame. erpwizard is the way to go:

Who can benefit from erpwizard?
was designed while keeping in mind the need of businesses in the following verticals:
Small businesses who cannot afford expensive ERP solutions

How to get more information about erpwizard features ?
To view an extensive document about the features and included with erpwizard standard edition in the cloud, please click here to send a request. We will be more than happy to send you an extensive list of features to get you going as quickly as possible with erpwizard.
How to see a Free Demo of erpwizard ?
To request a Free personalized presentation, without any obligations to you, please feel free to submit a request and one of our account representatives will contact you soon to schedule a demo at your own convenience.