Focus on core business issues

Companies using erpwizard, will have more time to focus on what they do best, meaning running their business efficiently, rather than supporting their on-premises software systems.

Traditional erp implementations depended heavily on the efforts and labor time of IT specialists hired to work internally within small and mid size companies. In most of the projects, the results and expectations were not met in a timely fashion. In addition to the expensive bills that enterprises have to absorb, a considerable amount of time is spent internally, to manage such projects.

Companies in a manufacturing business for example found themselves in the heart of “software project management and development”, which now becomes part of their day to day operations, while the ultimate goal is essentially to manufacture and sell consumer goods. They find themselves building and managing a “software house” within their company, to support their software project development, rather than focusing on their core business.

With erpwizard and our cloud-computing model, you can get your business up and running instantly, with a full Enterprise Resource planning software solution, designed for small and medium size enterprises, and including the features of an Enterprise scale ERP system.