(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

erpwizard is a fully integrated ERP software application, designed and developed at NAMTEK Consulting Services. Namtek consulting services is a solution provider that has been servicing small and medium size companies for over 10 years. Having an asset of qualified software developers, architects and consultants, NAMTEK could leverage the wealth of its people’s experience, to provide its clients with exceptional services and solutions customized to their specific business needs.

Since 1999, NAMTEK has been focusing on the development, deployment of their ERP system erpwizard version 1.0, based on eDeveloper technology provided by Magic Software (Namtek has been for long time a Magic Solution Partner).

Right after the release of UniPaaS the multi-platform development framework from Magic Software, NAMTEK started the process of upgrading the existing erpwizard application based on eDeveloper to become compliant with the emerging Cloud/SAAS business model, in addition to the traditional “Client/Server” desktop application model.

erpwizard is the result of over 2 years of research and development. It is based on the most advanced database technology of Microsoft SQL, .NET platform and UniPaas development framework. It is a fully integrated software solution that can run on a cloud computing platform or as a desktop application with features  designed for enterprise level companies, delivered to small and medium size enterprises (Accounting, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sales and shipping, Forecast and planning, Purchasing and imports, Warehouse Management…)

With erpwizard cloud edition, the objective is to empower more companies in the small and mid size market, in order to increase their profitability and meet business challenges, at low cost; Companies do not have to spend and incur high costs in order to improve their IT infrastructure, and to upgrade their licenses of their actual “outdated” systems, especially during economic slowdown.

To know more about erpwizard solution suite, please click on this link and fill the contact form; We will be more than happy to contact you and present erpwizard and all its add-on modules.