ErpWizard is a SaaS-based fully integrated ERP software application in the cloud, designed and developed at Namtek Consulting Services. The objective of this affordable business software solution is to empower small to mid-size businesses with the latest applications to increase profitability and give them the ability to adapt to any business challenge. erpWizard was built on rich-client technology, Magic Software’s UniPaaS, along with the most advanced database technology of .NET platform, to create a fully equipped, top of the line ERP and Accounting solution. It can run on a cloud-computing platform or as a desktop application with modules, functionalities and features suitable for all industries.


Fully integrated ERP software solution to manage Sales & Distribution, Inventory, Warehousing, Accounting, Financial statements & Reporting

“Hybrid” business solution, capable of running “In the Cloud” under the SaaS model, or “On Premises” using the perpetual software licensing model

Supports multi-companies, multi-warehouses, multi-countries, multi-currencies & multi-lingual

Easy to use “Windows-like” graphic user interface for quick user training & adoption

Built-in collaboration tools for email notifications, reminders, task management, file attachments, unlimited memos, scheduling, etc.

Quick & easy implementation phase – takes days, not weeks

No large investment needed on hardware, in-house IT staff or long-term commitments

All hardware & software maintenance routines are taken care of by our team

Main Modules


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bankbook
  • Financial Reporting

Inventory Management

  • Products & Services
  • Multi-layer products
  • Warehouses & locations
  • Automatic Average Cost Calculation
  • Inventory Integration with G/L

Sales Management

  • Multiple types of Sales Orders
  • Order processing (pick/pack/ship)
  • Ability to distribute by box
  • Back order generation
  • Payments & Deposits
  • Inter-company billing
  • Commissions calculation
  • Royalties calculation
  • Integration with G/L

Purchase Management

  • Multiple types of purchase orders
  • Purchases receiving
  • Full ‘In Transit’ cycle
  • Automatic generation of A/P invoices
  • Unlimited Follow-up notes
  • Integration with G/L

Sales Forecasting

  • Ability to forecast by SKU or group of customers and plan revenues
  • Notification based on forecast and inventory status for future periods


In the Cloud
Monthly Subscription Fee per User
Modules Included based on Package
License to use the ErpWizard Suite
Continuous Updates
Up to 5GB of database size
Platform maintenance
Database backup
Hosting of application in our private 'Cloud'
Database usage & license
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On Premises
Monthly Subscription Fee per User
Modules Included based on Package
License to use the ErpWizard Suite
Continuous Updates
Database size not applicable
No platform maintenance
No Database backup
No Private 'Cloud' hosting of application
No database usage & license
Availability not applicable
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